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A Buddy for Life!

“It is one thing to be alone, and another to be lonely!”

The Buddy Services Centre for Seniors has received a $25,000 grant from the Emergency Community Support Fund (ECSF) to fulfill the vulnerable populations’ needs in the O’Connor-Parkview neighborhood.

This community houses a wide range of residents, ranging from seniors, immigrants, and visible minorities with some living in dire poverty. There are many elderly adults who are diagnosed with cancer, AIDS, or have metal health issues, which makes it difficult for them to run simple errands like: grocery shopping, navigating to doctors’ offices, and doing things that others may take for granted.

Adults whose income is less than $30,000 a year, have a fixed income, and are 55-years and older and reside in the O’Connor-Parkview neighborhood are eligible to receive the services made possible by Buddy Services Centre for Seniors.

Residents will have access to: companionship, transportation to and from appointments and community activities, assistance with meal planning and preparation, and personal care support.

In the weeks to come, Buddy Services Centre for Seniors staff will: start connecting with the seniors in the community, informing them of the services, and assisting elderly adults in the qualification process for the buddy services to help reduce the effects of social isolation. Meanwhile the Canadian government has invested $350 million to improve community organizations’ ability to serve vulnerable Canadian during this crisis.

Buddy Services was founder by Carol Royer out of a need to take care of her sick mother, Royer has turned her talents into organization to help the disenfranchised.

Toronto Caribbean newspaper had a conversation with Royer about her tireless work and her passion for helping the poor. Royer said, “It started in 2017 when my mom had a stroke, her health declined and then she had a second stroke in 2018, which left her unable to walk. That is when I had to take care of her. While doing that I began to document my experiences, and after a while, I said gosh! This looks like a business plan.”

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Published by: Toronto Caribbean News : Written by Michael Thomas

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